Parent Ambassador Group

Humphrey Perkins Parent Ambassador Group

At Humphrey Perkins we understand the value of an equal partnership between teachers and parents/carers on the emotional and academic wellbeing of students. We want our parents/carers to have a voice on the issues that matter.

This is why we have recruited our first Parent Ambassadors to represent the parents/carers of Humphrey Perkins School. A Humphrey Perkins Parent Ambassador is a parent/carer  who is 'passionate about the school, has credibility amongst peers, connections in the community, and a desire to advance the school’. Parent Ambassadors are instrumental in expanding the reach of the school in the community and beyond.

The Humphrey Perkins Parent Ambassador Group (PAG) has the following objectives:

  • To be a consistent presence on open day/evenings, celebration and community events
  • PAs are a positive link between the college and the parent/carer community and beyond
  • The PAG will help shape how Humphrey Perkins improves its engagement with parents/carers and the wider community in order to advance the school
  • Through the PAG there is a wider and more regular engagement with employers, businesses, charities, cultural and community groups


Our eight parent ambassadors are:


Hannah White (Year 7)

Helen Gretton (Year 7)

Elizabeth Thompson (Year 7)

Lucy Cotterill (Year 7)

Donna Preston (Year 8)

Frances Lawes (Year 8)

Sarah Houghton (Year 8)

Nick Racklyeft (Year 7/10)

Catie Gill (Year 10)

Vivienne Barratt-Peacock (Year7/10)



If you wish to raise any points with the PAG in terms of what the school does well and/or what improvements you would like to see then we have set up a new email address:

Please also use this email address if you are interested in joining this new group of parents in helping to improve our engagement with the wider community as well as improving the school.



You said…

We did…

Staff at HP do not always reply to emails/calls quickly enough

We have spoken to the school SLT and advised it would be best practice that a reply is provided within 48 hours unless it is urgent.

Notice to parents’ evening this year was sometimes too short notice

The school have said that this was the case due to the new online system availability and the pandemic. They have assured us that next academic year parents’ evenings will be published and shared at the start of the 2021/22 academic year.

The setting of and frequency of home work has not been communicated or is not clear

The school have advised that they are reviewing homework and that all home works will be set on Beehive so that parents/carers can monitor and support their children’s homework.

Careers and futures advice for key stage 3 years would be very welcomed

Although the school does not have the capacity to offer each child a careers appointment in a single academic year – an improved offer of careers provision is being prepared for younger learners. Careers websites will also be a shared and accessed so that children can begin to explore their future pathways much sooner.

There needs to be a greater focus on tutor relationships

This is always important to HP but has been impacted by the pandemic. In the new academic year this will be a clear area of focus with more frequently extended tutor times built in.

The school needs to raise and relaunch leadership opportunities and aspirations

The school had a massive drive on this and saw a significant improvement in this area pre-covid. The plan is to relaunch this in September and to publicise the leadership opportunities regularly with parents, carers and the students.

Post-covid there needs to be a relaunch of the extra-curricular offer for students

HP fully intends to relaunch its full programme of extracurricular activities in the 2021/22 academic year. It has relaunched some extracurricular provision in the summer term although this is still limited to year group bubbles.

Negative social media posts harm the school’s reputation

Whilst the school cannot directly influence what people choose to post about the school – it always aims to improve and improve its social media reach by sharing positive news/events about the school. The school would encourage all parents to positively promote the school in all aspects, both academic and pastoral.

The school restaurant needs to improve its menu choice

A fuller and wider menu has started to become available in the summer term and this will be even more the case at the start of the academic year 2021/22.