Physical Education

In Years 7 and 8 students follow a programme of activities which enables them to develop skills, communication, teamwork and decision making.

Our rationale in PE is based on developing a passion for sport and being physically active through the engagement in a variety of sports allowing the development of sports skills and knowledge to be improved. Our challenge is to lay the foundations of engagement and enjoyment whilst embedding the fundamental motor skills and theoretical content required to thrive at GCSE/Cambridge Nationals PE. Our intention is to expose students to a wide variety of physical activities within KS3 enabling them to build a repertoire of motor skills and develop their literacy skills enabling them to access the knowledge and understanding required within the KS4 curriculum. To meet the needs of our students, each teacher delivers the scheme of work for each sport to ensure consistency. Each group will rotate every 6 weeks in which they will receive a plethora of sports by the end of each academic year. In addition the department attempts to reach the needs of all students through its offer of extracurricular teams and clubs for competition against other schools and colleges and also through its offering of recreational opportunities including leadership and coaching opportunities set up through the school sports partnership. The knowledge and understanding developed by learners throughout our 5 year curriculum is intended to offer them a secure foundation of fitness, health and well-being subsequently preparing them for both further education and their careers aspirations and also their health and well-being for the rest of their life.

The fluidity of the curriculum throughout KS3/KS4 is sequenced to ensure that knowledge and key skills are embedded throughout Year 7 enabling spaced learning, retrieval practice and interleaving to be used to retrieve and deepen students’ knowledge and understanding in year 8 onwards. The idea of this approach is to allow thinking and leadership to become a part of our curriculum as knowledge, understanding and fundamental motor skills become autonomous. 


PE Curriculum Information