The Humphrey Perkins Science team is made up of highly qualified, innovative and enthusiastic teachers who endeavour to engage, challenge and empower our pupils. We have high expectations of every single pupil and believe that by encouraging world class learning that there is no ceiling to success.

Our aim is to ensure our students are prepared with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive when encountering Science post Humphrey Perkins. We aim for students to have the scientific ability to question news articles on their validity and form constructive questions to support this. They will develop scientific enquiry skills and will be capable of applying this to make reasoned, well informed judgments throughout their lives, as well as equip those students who wish to study Science at a higher level with the knowledge, skills and passion for the subject required.

Our rationale is to provide a fluid and dynamic knowledge rich KS3 to KS4 curriculum.  This will be achieved through a comprehensive 5 year curriculum model where we will be establishing key knowledge and skills that include effective practical and analytical approaches with Literacy and numeracy embedded throughout.   This curriculum model will enable learners to gain access to higher GCSE content in earlier years to support accelerated learning and the transition between the two key stages will be bridged effectively. The scientific knowledge and skills developed by learners will provide them with a secure foundation to access Sciences at post 16 and consequently STEM related career aspirations.

This curriculum is specified in detail to ensure that knowledge is remembered (not merely encountered) that enables cognitive retrieval through sequential mapping of key concepts and interleaving. Evidence has shown that treating thinking skills as abstract from content leads to students writing surface knowledge responses. By grounding skills in relevant and enriching knowledge, students become scholarly and confident demonstrating deeper understanding. Our knowledge rich curriculum reflects this approach to Science education that will lead to automaticity in our students.

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